from strategy to action
A beer, a soccer club, a festival or an artist, everything and everyone is a brand. And all of them have their own goals and ways to expose themselves. To do this in the most valuable, effective and inspiring way, it is worth to work with a brand proposition that functions as the basis for everything you do.

A brand proposition is the main reason why consumers prefer a brand. With a unique, strong and relevant proposition brands can be clearly positioned against competition. Once having described the proposition the main challenge is to apply it in a consistent way and to find concepts for integrated and appealing communication to create enduring bonds with the brand’s key consumers.
BRAND PROPOSITION is the Dutch marketing consultancy that helps you to define or refine the proposition of your brand and to translate it into brand campaigns that really hit the hearts of consumers. The method used is The Brand Process©, based on ‘The Core Questions Method’. A complete marketing planning process that helps you in creating the guidelines for your long-term brand strategy and brand activation programs.


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from strategy to action